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The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Corona Virus Situation


The rapidly evolving Covid-19 situation has us all stressed to the max these days. It’s affecting all of our lives both young and old and its going to take some ability to adapt to our lives being altered for the next few months. But if I know anything, it’s that horse people are tough and adaptable and ready to handle anything that comes their way. This blog is a little bit of levity and a little bit important information about how Covid-19 is affecting all of us as horse owners and doctors right now. 

The Advantages: 

1. Horses and other domestic animals CAN NOT be infected with or transmit Covid-19, so by all means spend all the time you want with your horse over the next month! 

shedding2. With all this new found horse time you can certainly make some great work on grooming out all that winter hair coat that your horse is working on shedding. 


3. Start legging your horse up so that you are in tip top shape for the riding season. Good legging up means less injuries as the season rolls onward. 

4. Use your time to take care of other often neglected barn chores like cleaning tack, de-cobwebbing the barn and doing that full strip down of the stall. 


The Disadvantages: 

1. Shows and events are being cancelled and postponed. This one really stinks….there is no way around that. But it is temporary. We will be back on track soon. We are resilient. And remember from the advantages list, you now have some extra time to get ready for the competition! 

2. We don’t get to see your smiling faces….. as much as possible we want to minimize groupings of people. This means at many barn vaccination days we will ask that owners NOT be present and instead call or text us with questions or requests. We will happily call you after visiting your horse and go through how things are looking. We can often conduct rechecks via telemedicine or on our own if the horse is left in a stall for us. Additionally…instead of drop offs of medication or pickups at the office, please make use of our online pharmacy as much as possible! Follow this link: https://weitzequine.vetsfirstchoice.com/ 

3. Stress….we are all stressed right now. We need to be understanding and patient. Weitz Equine will keep you informed and we will be here for your horses 24/7. That will never change. Please call us with any questions. 


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