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It’s been awhile since we have had a blog…so let’s make this one a good one. Let’s talk CBD products and horses. Here we go…

CBD products are everywhere right now….and being touted for helping with everything from anxiety to arthritis and more. But do they really help? What do we know about CBD products?

First of all…what is it? CBD or cannabidiol is one of many compounds present in cannabis plants. It is not a psychoactive agent like THC. In humans, CBD oil has been noted to be potentially helpful with nausea, anxiety and maybe a variety other conditions. But research is still ongoing. IN HUMANS.

What does this mean for horses? All the current research surrounding CBD oil is investigating its effects in human and lab animals. And even that is preliminary. There is no research in horses. We have no idea what the effective doses are in horses. How it might interact with other drugs in the horse’s system. Or what positive or negative effects it might have on the horse. Additionally, without an FDA approved product, there is little regulation on the content and quality of these CBD oil products.

Should I use CBD oil for my horse? At this time, the USEF and FEI and most horse racing commissions prohibit the use of CBD products in competing horses. We do not know the correct dosing or truly what the effects on horses might be. Because of this, we do not recommend using CBD oil or CBD containing products on your horse. It’s true that CBD oil shows some potential for use in to help in certain conditions in humans….and perhaps in the future we will know more about its use in horses. For now, please proceed with caution. See the links below for more information.




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