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A Spring Like No Other


To say this spring has been unique in the history of Weitz Equine would be a gross understatement. We have all faced new and challenging situations in both our own little world and the greater world as a whole. This has forced us to adapt and change our how we perform our tasks and interact with each other. I think many of us have found some peace and solace with the horses. They are a constant and sturdy presence in a time of much uncertainty. Even when our schedule is chaotic, I always take the time to greet and talk to each horse. I think it helps me as much as it calms them down, even though I know they still don’t appreciate all the poking with needles! May we all continue to find comfort and companionship with our animals as we move through the coming days.

At Weitz Equine, we continue to provide the highest possible quality of care and service to every one of our patients. We greatly appreciate our clients’ willingness to adapt and change with us. We fully understand that it has not always been easy. Asking clients to socially distance while we work on their horses, trying to communicate more via phone than in-person, and attempting to talk through those darn masks”all of these things have complicated our routine. However, you all have done it with us and have been so supportive. We appreciate your patience when we are running behind or have to reschedule due to an emergency. Thank you for being the very best horse-owning people around!

There are even more changes coming for Weitz Equine this summer, so stay tuned for updates regarding our office and staff! 


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