Lovango is an 11-year-old Thoroughbred stallion standing at stud at Dove Hill Farm. Following a very successful and record-setting racing career, this sweet and talented stallion was retired to stud. A few years in to his new job as a breeding stallion, the farm manager noticed he was showing some signs of discomfort when mounting the mares for breeding (NOTE: in the thoroughbred world, all mares must be live-covered. No artificial insemination is allowed). It was determined that all this new breeding activity was putting some strain on Lovango’s back and hindquarters. Mild pain medications seemed to help some but Lovango was still showing signs of back stiffness.

Dr. Melissa performed a thorough examination. Lovango was found to have some pain associated with his hocks, likely resulting from the wear and tear of an active racing career. After finding no other major abnormalities or injuries, she switched into her chiropractic mode and examined Lovango for chiropractic issues. He was found to have some stiffness and decreased motion in areas of his pelvis and lumbar spine from the increased activity of breeding mares (which is a very different demand on the body then racing along a flat surface!). Based on these findings, a combination of hock joint injections and chiropractic was chosen to help Lovango feel more himself. After one set of hock injections and seeing Lovango a few times for chiropractic adjustment early in the breeding season, the breeding manager at Dove Hill Farm was able to report that Lovango seemed much more comfortable and successful at his job covering mares. This combination of traditional and alternative medicine can only be offered when your chiropractor is ALSO your veterinarian!Lovango play 1004 319






We are happy to report that Lovango was able to successfully settle all of the mares he was bred to during the 2015 breeding season and we look forward to seeing the resultant foals next spring!