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Guest Blog from Dr. Eva! Tips for Equine Transport

Hi there, I hope everyone is having a wonderful beginning of the summer! Today we have an exciting new guest blogger, Dr. Eva Reinicke who joined our practice in June. It’s that time of year where we all love to get out and ride our horses, taking them to local shows, performance competitions, rodeo or […]

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New Faces and Big News!

Sorry you guys haven’t heard from me in awhile ….it’s been a very busy spring. But we have lots of news!! We have a new Doctor starting with us this month. Dr. Eva (pronounced A-pha) Reinicke graduated from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine in 2016. She is excited to become a part […]

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How is it April already?!

Wow! This spring is in full swing…it feels like February and March just flew by! Soon we will be seeing all the flowers blooming and the sun shining more often. Is anyone’s horse shedding like crazy? That is one of the sure signs of spring, isn’t it? Or how about the re-emergence of flies and […]

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Barn Cats- a very special kind of cat!

I’ve had several recent encounters with barn cats which has caused me to think a lot about these special animals. Barn cats…they aren’t truly outdoor cats but they are certainly NOT house cats. They are their own family of feline that has adapted to a particular way of life and we must all come to […]

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Goodbye 2016 and Hello 2017!

Happy New Year! I hope that the final days of 2016 find everyone happy and healthy. 2016 was a doozy for a lot of reasons that we won’t get into on this blog but let’s highlight some the high points for Weitz Equine! Successfully helped foal out and care for over 60 newborn horses! Made […]

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The Learning Never Ends!

Hi all….I hope everyone is doing well and staying warm now that winter has REALLY arrived! It hit me hard this year….I left for the AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners) annual meeting in Orlando when it was in the mild 30’s and returned to much lower temperatures! I didn’t even have a coat with […]

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Nutrition Blog 3 – Supplements

Its time for the third installment of my nutrition series….lets cover some info about supplements. There are two very important things to remember about supplements ijn general: Not all products are created equal. Quality matters. Several studies in both human and animal supplements have shown that many products DO NOT contain the ingredients in amounts […]

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Nutrition Blog- Part 2 – Forage!

“Hey Doc! What do you think of this hay?” We get this question ALL THE TIME. Which is GREAT! We want you to ask about feeding your horse. And to be concerned about the quality of the forage you buy for your horse. But the truth is, short of looking for mold or weeds, there […]

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Nutrition Blog – Part 1

Hello everyone! Is everyone excited that fall is here? The leaves are changing….the temp is cooling….those darn mosquitos are finally GONE!! I know…I know ….fall means inevitably that winter is coming….but can’t we just enjoy it for a little bit?! Colder temps also mean a lot of changes for our horses…less exercise perhaps and cold […]

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Where has Dr. Melissa been?!

OK….so I have let way too much time pass since my last blog post. AGAIN! Life gets busy….but I will try to be more on the ball. But let’s get down to business. I have a lot to discuss since I haven’t done this in awhile. Thanks to everyone for understanding my long absence from […]

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