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Bugs Bugs and More Bugs!

Ahhh the lazy hazy crazy days of summer are here! And for us in Minnesota this year, it means A LOT of bugs. The wet warm weather has produced a cash crop year for the flying and crawly creatures that drive us all mad. So I’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone about […]

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May is Madness!

The month of May is definitely one of he busiest we experience as equine veterinarians. Between the newborn foals, vaccines, teeth, coggins, etc it is never ending. It doesn’t leave much time for much of anything else in your life. Eat, sleep, and work. That’s the bulk of what I have been doing lately. Even […]

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The Job is Messy But I Don’t Care- A Blog by Dr. Mary

I am driving along the county highways and dirt roads of the Minnesota countryside. The final remnants of the April’s record breaking snowfall flood the drainage ditches and reveal a rich, dark , wet soil stretching across the landscape. But all I can think of is mud, mud, and more mud. My job is not […]

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The 3 C’s of Weitz Equine!

I hope everyone is doing well and as ready as we are for this snow to melt and spring to really begin! With springtime comes a lot of busy schedules for you and your horses. Please remember to schedule their spring vaccines and check up before you head out camping, trail riding, or showing! In […]

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Minnesota Snow Day!

It was a crazy snowy day today! At Weitz Equine, we tried to keep things quiet so we could stay off the roads as much as possible. We hope all of you did too! Stay safe everyone. Anyway….with appointments rescheduled for later this week, it gave me time to write a blog! We often whine […]

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Happy Holidays from Dr. Paul Weitz!

Happy Holidays to all our horses and clients. As most of you know, I’ve been working with horses for just over 20 years. I remain thankful that the overwhelming majority are kind, respectful animals. On the surface, I am the one taking care of your horses, but they have often returned the favor, even sparing […]

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A Horse’s Christmas Wish List

Merry Christmas everyone! Its the holiday season, a time for giving and receiving and being thankful for all our blessings. We here at Weitz Equine are so thankful for all of our wonderful clients and patients! It seems every stop I make these days, I’m given a sweet package of candy and a Christmas card […]

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Goodbye Old Boots! Thanks for all your hard work.

Well…the temps are getting colder and its about time to switch from the summer boots to the winter boots. For my current pair of boots, that means the end of the road. With the heavy use my boots get, I have to replace them every couple of years when the sides start to split and […]

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The many roles of a vet tech! Thank you Vet Technicians!

This week was Vet Tech Appreciation Week….so in honor of our awesome techs, here’s a blog about all the roles they fill in our practice. The right hand person! The vet tech is always there to grab us whatever we need for completing a procedure. Filling prescriptions (ie counting all the pills), grabbing extra equipment, […]

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Chiropractic Care from Weitz Equine

Did you know that both myself and Dr. Paul are certified in Equine Chiropractic Care? We both completed a rigorous course through Options for Animals, approved by the IVCA. Read more about chiropractic care here. There are A LOT of options out there for chiropractic care for your horse, so why should you chose us? […]

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