Apple & Olivia

Our daughter Olivia runs barrels. In the fall of 2013, Olivia’s original mount, Sassy, had suffered a tendon injury and was put on stall rest for 8-12 weeks.  The only option for Olivia was to run Apple.  This tiny framed little girl who weighed only 45 pounds went from riding a mare that was clocking 4D youth times at smaller jackpots to placing and winning in the 1D and 2D in the Open at Youth at larger venues and races with 100-200 entries or more!  Olivia and Traces Olena finished 3rd overall at the 2014 State NBHA Finals in Winona, and even won the 2nd round against some pretty tough competition!  She clocked 1D times each round that would’ve placed her in the top ranks in the Open 1D as well, had she entered it!

Shortly after the end of the NBHA season in 2014, Apple came up lame following a run in early October.  She was favoring her right front leg and Dr. Melissa with Weitz Equine was consulted.  The prognosis at first seemed bleak with Navicular being a fear.  After nerve blocking, x-rays, injections of the coffin joint, and corrective shoeing, she would need at least 8-12 weeks of rest.  After this time, she was ready to leg up for competition again. She ran her first race after treatment and rehabilitation in January 2015 and man did she ever deliver!  Olivia and Apple clocked 3rd in the Open 1D and won the Youth 1D with an amazing run to start off the season!  rawThey continue to turn heads by winning or placing in the top ranks at every race they have entered in 2015.  This team recently finished 2nd in the 1D Open and 1D Youth for the High Island Winter Series (even after missing 2 of the 6 races).  Apple ran her fastest time ever with Olivia on the last race of this series clinching the “Fast Time Award”!  Our family is so thankfulraw-1 for this special mare and how she takes care of our daughter, Olivia.  We are blessed that this mare is staying healthy and sound and pray that this spectacular duo will continue their success for years to come!  Olivia’s ultimate goal would be to run at “The American” rodeo or the National Finals Rodeo one day.