A case of stomach ulcers in a barrel horse

A 5 year old barrel racing Quarter Horse within our practice was having ongoing issues with entering the gate into the arena for races. The horse would get worked up, refuse to enter, and need to be led in by hand. The owner had the horse fully worked up for lameness and no abnormalities were found. Weitz Equine performed chiropractic evaluation and although it helped some, the gelding would still have issues with anxiety associated with performance.

Recently, with the acquisition of our new gastroscope, Dr. Bryce was able to perform a scope on the gelding and found several stomach ulcers and a thickening of the stomach wall indicating chronic inflammation. download-3 download-2 download-1Based on these findings, the gelding’s diet was altered to include several small meals throughout the day and he was treated with a course of Gastrogard. The owner was happy to know that the expense of Gastrogard was well worth it, as the horse truly was suffering from stomach ulcers. After treatment, the gelding is doing much better and is willing to enter the arena for races without the previous issues.

In the past, we have often treated for ulcers presumptively; however, the treatment is necessary for an extended period of time and can be costly. By using the gastroscope to positively diagnose stomach ulcers, we are better able to advise treatment plans and to even recheck the stomach for improvement. We are so glad our barrel racing patient is feeling better. Thanks for sharing your story.