May is Madness!

The month of May is definitely one of he busiest we experience as equine veterinarians. Between the newborn foals, vaccines, teeth, coggins, etc it is never ending. It doesn’t leave much time for much of anything else in your life. Eat, sleep, and work. That’s the bulk of what I have been doing lately. Even when Lily’s daycare
had to close one day, I just shifted some appointments around and had her come along. She thought it was great of course! It’s great seeing all of our clients and patients and getting caught up on how everyone is doing, but it can be exhausting!

At one point this month our household was down to one roll of toilet paper, expired milk and no dog food! There just wasn’t time to shop. Its getting better now though. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. The foals are just about done hitting the ground and the bulk of the spring vaccine rush is complete. Soon we will move on to the summer appointments – performance assessments, chiropractic adjustments, bug bites, and the various odds and ends emergencies. Maybe even all the doctors at Weitz Equine can take a vacation! Not all at the same time of course!!

We hopeĀ  you are having an amazing spring time. There is definitely still time to call us to schedule your spring appointment if you haven’t done so yet. Take care and see you soon!


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