The 3 C’s of Weitz Equine!

I hope everyone is doing well and as ready as we are for this snow to melt and spring to really begin! With springtime comes a lot of busy schedules for you and your horses. Please remember to schedule their spring vaccines and check up before you head out camping, trail riding, or showing!

In this busy time, I thought it important to remind all of you about 3 things that are of utmost importance to all of the doctors here at Weitz Equine. So let me review:

  1. Communication! At Weitz Equine, we pride ourselves on staying in touch with you. This means keeping our Facebook page and website up to date. It means calling you back promptly to make appointments and calling to check on your horses if we have been treating them recently. It means we want to hear from you as well…..always feel free to call us if you have questions or concerns. We want to be your first resource for all things horse health related.
  2. Client Education! We want to help you take the best care of your horse. Many of you recently participated in our Annual Client Education Seminar. This is a great time to catch up on your horse knowledge. You’ll probably also notice that we like to do a lot sharing of information when we are out on the farm as well. We have spent years of our life dedicated to horse health and we want to share that wealth of knowledge with you!
  3. Caring! Most importantly, we want you to know that we CARE about you and your horse and therefore, we strive to provide the very best VET CARE that we can. Many of my clients become like friends to me.

    Lily meeting a new donkey friend!

    And I truly do love many of my patients even when they don’t like me very much! The vet/client/patient relationship becomes a bit like extended family over time and through all the trials and tribulations of equine life. I have seen that first hand in the way many of you have embraced my daughter Lily as a part of my life now.

Thank you for being the best clients and patients around and making it so easy to care so much about all of you! Ill be seeing you all soon I am sure as we make the springtime rounds!

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