Minnesota Snow Day!

It was a crazy snowy day today! At Weitz Equine, we tried to keep things quiet so we could stay off the roads as much as possible. We hope all of you did too! Stay safe everyone. Anyway….with appointments rescheduled for later this week, it gave me time to write a blog!

We often whine and complain about the snow and cold in Minnesota and YET all of us STILL live here! So why is that? Instead of a blog about all the downsides of this kind of weather, Ill try to focus on some of the benefits!

  1. It looks nice! No one can argue that the landscape, freshly covered in snow isn’t beautiful! Its great to see! Especially from inside the house with a nice cup of hot chocolate!
  2. Shoveling snow is a fantastic workout! As I worked up a sweat despite all my layers of clothes while shoveling snow this afternoon, I felt pretty good. One hour of shoveling burns about 400 calories! That’s not too bad! Now I can have an extra dessert tonight!
  3. There are no bugs! As opposed to our neighbors to the south, we don’t have to worry about bugs or flies or mosquitos for several months of the year. I’m ok with that!
  4. Horses and dogs playing in the snow are hilarious! Our animal friends seem to delight in the fresh snow as much as we do. Keep an eye out tomorrow for horses loving the snow and the sunshine! I know I’ll be looking for them.

Be safe everyone and remember to enjoy the perks of our winter wonderland!

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