A Horse’s Christmas Wish List

Merry Christmas everyone! Its the holiday season, a time for giving and receiving and being thankful for all our blessings. We here at Weitz Equine are so thankful for all of our wonderful clients and patients! It seems every stop I make these days, I’m given a sweet package of candy and a Christmas card as I leave. Its very humbling to have such generous and kind folks as clients.

This time of year got me thinking about what might be on a horse’s Christmas Wish list. After polling a few horse owners, here’s what we came up with……**Please note- I took the liberty of adding a few vet notes to your horse’s requests!

Dear Santa…..or owner or farm manager,

I think we can all agree that I have been super good this year! I only kicked at the farrier once or twice when he tickled me (so really it was his fault). I never spooked at anything that wasn’t FOR SURE going to kill me (so really I was saving both our lives if you think about it). Given my most excellent behavior….I think I am truly deserving of the following…..

  1. More food and treats! Seriously….why so stingy?! Can’t you see I am starving over here? I really like those crunchy ones you keep in your pocket…more of those please.
  2. A new blanket! Its pretty cold here and since I accidently let my friend rip my other one off so we could rip it to shreds (man was that fun!), I think I need a new one. I promise not to ruin it for at least 2 days. *** vet’s note- many horse do NOT need to be blankets for most of the winter***
  3. A good brushing- The long hair I grow gets pretty gross this time of year. When you brush me it loosens all the dead hair and makes me feel so much better! **Vet’s note- regular grooming also allows you to get an up close looks at your horse’s skin and make sure everything is looking good
  4. No seriously! More food! **vet’s note- a horse should spend much of their free time eating. Horse’s do NOT skip meals. If your horse does not seem to be eating the way he or she should or is loosing weight, please give us a call!

This doesn’t seem like much to ask for being the best horse in the world! Sincerely, Your horse!



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