Happy Holidays from Dr. Paul Weitz!

Happy Holidays to all our horses and clients. As most of you know, I’ve been working with horses for just over 20 years. I remain thankful that the overwhelming majority are kind, respectful animals. On the surface, I am the one taking care of your horses, but they have often returned the favor, even sparing my life on several occasions. Although horses cannot talk like humans, we all know they communicate well.

In fact, I believe they too have some golden rules.

The Golden Rules, as followed by horses:

1. If you scratch their back, they will try to scratch yours (sometimes a little too hard!)
2. If you are polite and respectful of them, most of them will repay the favor (“1,2,3 little poke”= no kick)
3. If you take care of them, they usually take care of you (if you fall off they will stop and see if you are okay before they go find something to eat).
4. If you keep their feet in good shape, they keep yours in good shape by not stepping on them (provided you are following the rules above and maybe throw a few treats in the mix).
5. Most importantly: if you feed them well, they will happily provide all the raw materials needed to get you started on your 2018 pick-up-poop exercise program.

I bet if you are able to take some time out during this busy season and tune in to your horse(s), you’ll be reminded of what gifted communicators they really are. I know when I’m with your horses, they remind me that kindness and respect help to make the world a better place for everyone.

Wishing you all peace and good health for you and your horses.
Dr. Paul

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