The many roles of a vet tech! Thank you Vet Technicians!

This week was Vet Tech Appreciation Week….so in honor of our awesome techs, here’s a blog about all the roles they fill in our practice.

  1. The right hand person! The vet tech is always there to grab us whatever we need for completing a procedure. Filling prescriptions (ie counting all the pills), grabbing extra equipment, setting up all the equipment, cleaning up our mess, anticipating the next thing we need. They are always on top of it.
  2. The listening ear and medical record transcriber! Our wonderful techs ride around with us in the tight quarters of the vet truck all day. They listen while we brainstorm about cases or worry about cases. They record all the detailed medical records as we drive down the road. They put up with our bad days and celebrate our good days with us.
  3. Surgery technician and sedated horse recovery specialist! They prep the scrub buckets, clean the wounds, scrub the joints and help us prep for sterile procedures. They hold the sleepy horse heads for all these procedures and have become experts at keeping the sedated horse steady and the knocked out horse down on the ground.
  4. Safety guru! Our technicians keep us, the horse owner, and the horse safe. They help restrain unruly animals and calm the nervous animals. There are plenty of horse that don’t think much of me (I do poke them with needles after all) but love the technicians. They are expert horse handlers and because of that we can all do our jobs better and keep the horse happier.

Thank you to Diana and Jessica for the awesome job that they do! We appreciate you so much.


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