Chiropractic Care from Weitz Equine

Did you know that both myself and Dr. Paul are certified in Equine Chiropractic Care? We both completed a rigorous course through Options for Animals, approved by the IVCA. Read more about chiropractic care here. There are A LOT of options out there for chiropractic care for your horse, so why should you chose us? Well, I’ll give you 3 reasons I think it’s best to have Weitz Equine provide your chiropractic care…..

  1. Experience: Besides the chiropractic training, we are obviously experienced equine veterinarians. We know the horse’s anatomy and physiology inside and out. We have had years of training for this purpose. That means, when you describe your horse’s symptoms to us, we can cover ALL possible causes, not just chiropractic ones. We watch every horse walk and trot at the beginning of a chiropractic exam. If we spot a lameness, we can suggest work up for that as well as chiropractic care.
  2. Multimodal approach to horse health: Chiropractic is one tool in our toolbox to help your horse perform its best.  Chiropractic is great but it does NOT fix everything and we would never try to tell you that it can. When we evaluate your horse, we offer all of the options for treatment that are available.
  3. Diagnostics: Weitz Equine has the ability to perform many diagnostic services in the field. For example, if your chiropractic complaint is stiffness on the hind end, we could both perform a chiropractic treatment and consider radiographs for particular areas of concern to see what other therapies might be needed. Or, if your horse has topline muscle issues, we can address nutritional needs by performing hay or feed analysis.

Dr. Paul and myself, really enjoy performing chiropractic care for our patients. It is important to our practice to provide a whole horse approach to our medicine. We always seek to help your horse feel and perform its very best. Consider calling us for your next chiropractic evaluation.

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