How is it April already?!

Wow! This spring is in full swing…it feels like February and March just flew by! Soon we will be seeing all the flowers blooming and the sun shining more often.

Is anyone’s horse shedding like crazy? That is one of the sure signs of spring, isn’t it?

Or how about the re-emergence of flies and mosquitos?! Not our favorite sign of spring but one to be aware of as well. The return of mosquitos means the return of diseases carried by mosquitos. Last year in MN was a particularly bad year for West Nile Virus. But the good news is, the vaccine works REALLY well! AND if you have your horse vaccinated by a professional (meaning a veterinarian), the manufacturer of the vaccine will back up that protection. This means if your horse shows signs of the disease, then the company will pay for diagnostics and treatment! Check out more information here:

Additionally, having one of us come out for your spring vaccine appointment, means we can look over your equine friend and talk about teeth, weight and diet issues, deworming, their feet….you name it! Its great for us to get our eyes on them and for you to have a chance to ask any questions you might have.

Give us a call….have us vaccinate your horse….you won’t regret it! Have a great spring everyone!!

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